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Such a close Finland suddenly turned out to be inaccessible to many. But no one has canceled the weekend and the body still requires a portion of clean air, a comfortable bed, hearty breakfasts, cycling or fishing in the afternoon and a bath or a bottle of good wine for dinner in the evening.

For everyone who has a Schengen visa and wants to relax comfortably in nature in the Russian Seasons, MillCreek Country Club has an interesting offer - we will give you a 15% discount on accommodation upon presentation of a valid visa from any of the Schengen countries.

Choose a Cottage on the lake or a Family villa and start planning in advance what you will do. We are ready to prepare for you a sauna with a Russian steam room and a hammam, lure the biggest carp in a hole near the pier, melt a grill in a BBQ house or organize a master class on cooking something delicious in an Italian restaurant. Or maybe you are a lover of outdoor activities and it will be interesting for you to walk along the eco-trail or rent a bike and go around all 280 hectares of our territory? There are many options, no one will be bored.

The promotion is valid for bookings of up to 8 people and cannot be combined with other offers.